Friday, 14 March 2014

TB Joshua Reveals Location of the Missing Plane; US Disagrees

“The plane concerned is deep inside the sea. Some of the particles will be seen on the surface of the sea any moment from now. May their souls rest in peace. We pray the Lord gives the family and loved ones the strength to bear the loss. Our prayer and love are always with them, the nation of Malaysia and other countries who had passengers on this flight.”
But United State counter-terrorism officials are not in agreement with TB Joshua on this one. They suspect it is possible the plane was intentionally hijacked and a secret technology has proved to them that the plane still flew in the air for more than four hours after it was declared missing...
Their position is based on data automatically downloaded and sent back to Rolls Royce - the manufacturers of the Boeing 777's engines.
It is strongly believed that the pilot or somebody else on board turned off the planes' transponders in order to avoid detection as they moved the plane to another location.
Three separate tracking devices shut down during the flight, 14 minutes apart, and continued to fly after the last known contact, which means the plane was intentionally diverted. But by who? If this theory is true, then it could be the plane landed somewhere and everyone is alive, if the intention of the hijackers is not to kill.

Data shows the plane flew towards Indian Oncean, an opposite direction to its destination. Consequently, the United States government have now sent a high-powered search team to the Indian Ocean area.

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